Learning Piano Chords

Learn everything you need to know about piano chords, music theory, and the piano in general

Piano Chords Overview

Welcome to Learning Piano Chords.  I created this site to give my thoughts and pass on my knowledge and experience on a wide number of issues related to music theory and the piano.  Throughout the site, you will see a wide range of topics covered and not just topics specifically related to learning piano chords.  I will tell you how to practice the piano, how to improvise, how to learn music theory, how to memorize piano pieces, and much more.  To navigate through this site, check out my comprehensive list of articles here. You will see from this list alone that I am trying to create a site that is all-encompassing for pianists of any skill level.  I hope everyone reading this can get a lot of benefit from my site.

Why Piano Chords?

Piano chords are the basis for all piano music.  A solid knowledge of piano chords can be very beneficial to any types of pianist.  In my journey as a classical pianist with at first limited knowledge of chords, I found that learning more about chords helped me in so many ways.  I began to understand the music I was playing so much better and had a much deeper appreciation for the music itself.  I was able to memorize pieces a lot better and I was able to learn a little improvisation (at least enough to impress the average listener).  I would highly recommend spending some time getting to know the basic chords and chord progressions.  From there, you can learn more complicated concepts.

Learning piano chords and chords within music in general can be very simple or very complicated.  I would first just worry about learning the basic chords and progressions.  Even knowing the typical 1,4,5 chord progression can expand your musical possibilities by a ton.  There are some really great resources to help you learn chords.  If you have the time and the patience, Walter Piston’s Harmony: Fifth Edition is the standard book for learning music theory.  You will have to spend a lot of time going through it and you might lose motivation, but if you are focused and disciplined, you can learn a lot.

What are the benefits of learning piano chords?  Well first, it can help you learn to improvise.  Improvisation is completely dependent on a knowledge of chords.  Having a great base in this area will help you play whatever you want on the spot.  You will also be able to write music when armed with this knowledge.  If you have those aspirations, then a knowledge of chords is indispensable.  Lastly, you will be able to memorize music much more easily.  You will be able to recognize chords and retain them in your head much more easily when armed with this foundation.


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